Tips for dry skin care

Always clean your face before going to sleep

However dry your skin is, gentle cleaning before sleep is very important. Make up, bacteria, air pollutants, dead cells and creams you use during the day damage your skin by entering your pores. It is not necessary to repeat the whole process in the morning, it’s enough to just wash your face with water when you wake up.

Soap or not?

Certain soap ingredients dissolve essential fat acids that protect the skin from water loss. Use soap free soaps. With them you can also clean your skin and you won’t endanger its natural barrier.

How to choose a face cleanser?

Choose mild cleansers with additional moisteners. Dermatologists recommend cleansers with synthetic ceramides. To a certain degree, they can replace natural ceramides or essential fat acids. Avoid cleansers with smells, chemicals and alcohol. Avoid antibacterial soaps.

Water and dryness of skin

Showering and hot baths add moisture to your skin but can also dry it by removing the protective layer of grease from it. The hotter the water, the faster and easier it is to remove the protective fat layer from your skin. Limit yourself to less then 15 minutes of hot water showering and close the bathroom door to keep the moisture in the room.

Be gentle to your skin

Stronger, longer and more are not the words for dry skin. Be gentle to your skin and use circular movements. Especially be gentle to the region around the eyes.

Skin moisturizers

Skin moisturizers do not add the necessary moisture to the skin. They stop the existing moisture from evaporating. It is best to use them in the evening after cleaning the face and in the morning after washing when the skin is clean. If you want to use them during the day, it is not necessary to clean your face before that. Avoid moisturizers that have fragrances or retinoids. They irritate dry skin. Oils and creams are more efficient then lotions. Substances like glycerol and propylene glycol enable water retention inside the first skin layer. Emollients like petrolatum, lanolin, mineral oils and dimethicon, retain water in the skin by forming a thin film on its surface. Due to this characteristic they are the best treatment for dry skin.

Mechanical peeling

Peeling removes the dead cells on the surface of the skin and in this way enables the moisteners to better penetrate the skin. However, it is necessary to be careful with peeling because it can damage the dry skin. Avoid skin peels based of fruit acids because they dry up the skin especially hard.

Spec. Dr. Svetlana Djurisic, dermatologist
Dermatological clinic DERMATIM, Belgrade, Serbia