The most important foodstuffs for healthy hair

If we whish to have healthy, shiny and lush hair, besides the shampoos and balsams used for care, it is necessary to take sufficient quantities of vitamins, dietary minerals and nutrients through our food. Hair grows form 0,6 cm to 1,25 cm every month and if you use healthy, balanced diet with enough proteins and iron, your hair will be pretty and healthy.

Although nutrients and necessary vitamins can sometimes be replaced by vitamin supplements, the experts advise to try their way of ingestion through nutrition, because artificial supplements can sometimes have the opposite effect.

The groceries that are most suited for our hair


Salmon is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids, contains high quality proteins, as do vitamin B-12 and iron. For healthier structure of the scalp, omega-3 fatty acids are necessary and their lacking leads to dryness of the scalp and hair. If there is no salmon available, one or two spoons of ground linseed are enough to compensate for omega-3 fatty acids.

Dark green vegetables

Vegetables like spinach, broccoli and chard are an excellent source of vitamins A and C, which are necessary to produce sebum. Dark green vegetables are also a source of calcium and iron.


Legumes like beans and lentil must be an important part of nutrition if we want to have healthy and lush hair. They contain proteins which support hair growth and have enough iron, zinc and biotin. Nutritionists suggest three or more cups of beans or lentil every week.


Brazilian nut is one of the best sources of selenium, an important mineral for healthy scalp. Nuts also contain alpha-linoleic acid, omega-3 acids and zinc, which are found in almonds and Indian nuts.


High quality proteins necessary for hair growth are found in foodstuffs like chickens and turkeys. Poultry also contains iron with high degree of bioavailability which organism can use easily.


Eggs are the best source of proteins, which are necessary for healthy hair. They also contain biotin and vitamin B-12 which are important nutrients for skin quality.

Whole grains

Whole grains are an important source of zinc, iron and vitamin B.


Oysters are known for their aphrodisiac effect but they also have influence on hair health and quality. They contain high concentrations of zinc which is a powerful antioxidant. If you don’t have oysters in your nutrition you can also get zinc from whole grains, nuts and berries, beef or lamb.


Carrot is an excellent source of vitamin A, which is essential to healthy and shiny hair. Daily consumption of carrot is recommended, especially in raw form or as a salad.

Low fat dairy products

Low fat dairy products such as skimmed milk and yoghurt are sources of calcium which is also an important mineral for hair growth. Dairy products contain curd and casein, two very high quality proteins necessary for healthy hair.

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