The most common skin allergens

In daily life we meet with many substances that can cause certain reactions in our skin. For skin reaction like itch, redness, tingle, rash, allergies and contact dermatitis, most common culprits are:


Excessive hand washing, using soap and water, dries the skin from its natural fats and at first can lead to dry and cracked skin on hand which looks harmless to all of us. However, if this state continues and is left untreated, the skin can crack and even bleed. Excessive use of shower gels can also lead to similar problems.

Home care products

Most people are aware that home cleaning products are not intended for skin and that chemicals involved can irritate the skin. Wearing protective gloves when handling these substances is recommended and suggested on every package.

Laundry softeners

Laundry softeners can also cause inflammatory and allergic reactions.


Clothes, especially rough cloths as wool, can be problematic for people that suffer from a disorder called atopic dermatitis, the most common form of eczema.


Hot weather, especially during the summer months, can worsen changes in the skin in people who have problems with increased sweating.


Some people are overly sensitive to latex, natural rubber found in hygienic gloves and condoms. Also, people allergic to latex can react to tropical fruits like bananas and kiwi.

Perfumes, deodorants

Perfume allergies are common. Most frequent are reactions to musk and vanilla.


Check the labels for some common irritants as ascorbic acid, paraben, preservatives and also alpha-hydroxy acids, glycol acids, malic acid and milk acid.


Many plants can cause contact allergy. Ivy, lemon, lime, celery and some types of flowers contain oil called urushiol which causes allergic reactions, usually an itching rash. A mild reaction can last from 5 to 12 days, while a heavy reaction can last up to 30 days and longer.

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