Shaving your face with a razor

A few tips on how to better shave with a razor.

Open your pores – The first step is to open the pores. You can do that with a warm shower or a sodden towel placed over the face for at least a minute.

Clean your face – Do a gentle face peeling with the towel to remove dead cells from the skin. Wash your face completely with warm water.

Apply gel or shaving foam – Apply the foam in circular motions and leave it for at least two to three minutes. In those two or three minutes your hair will soften. Search for creams or foams that contain benzoyl peroxide which can help you to prevent tiny pustules from appearing on your face after shaving.

Choose the right type of razor – Choose the right type of blade. If you have sensitive skin use razors with fewer blades. Make sure that the blade is always sharp and clean.

How to shave – It is recommended to shave mostly in two short moves between rinsing the razor. Also, it is recommended to tighten the skin while pulling the razor, especially in the zone around the nose and lips. Never press the razor too hard.

Rinse your face with cold water – Cold water is important for closing the pores. Wash your face with cold water multiple times.

Dry your face – It is best to dry your face with a towel by tapping the skin. Apply the lotion if you are using it, and after that the moisturizing cream for sensitive skin – moisturizer with SPF 15 for skin protection from the Sun.

By following this procedure, you will minimize ingrown hair and skin irritation by shaving.