Facial skin treatments

Facial skin treatments can be divided into medical and cosmetic facial treatments.

Medical skin treatments

Medical skin treatments are always performed by a physician. This group includes chemical peels, dermabrasion, use of hyaluronic acid as filler, mesotherapy, botox treatments, use of laser.

Medical treatments change the layout and the amount of collagen and elastin in the skin, correct the wrinkles, enable color uniformity and remove scars from the skin.

Cosmetic skin treatments

Cosmetic skin treatments are treatments meant for facial and body skin care and its preparation for medical treatments. They include various non aggressive procedures with the purpose of soothing certain problems in the skin or preventing them from appearing. The purpose of these treatments is to create conditions for skin cleanliness, hydration and adequate refreshment.

In the past cosmetic treatments were exclusively procedures used for care. Modern cosmetic treatments, next to nourishing the skin, offer mild procedures that enable the improvement in structure and skin appearance.

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