About carboxytherapy treatment

Carboxytherapy is a medical procedure in which carbon-dioxide is used for therapeutic purposes. During the tretment by applying sterile medical CO2 gas into the skin or fatty tissue, a signal is given of the lack of oxygen and the organism replaces the injected carbon-dioxide with oxygen in only a few minutes. The result of carboxytherapy treatment is similar to barochamber, but in carboxytherapy the oxygen in the skin exists in higher concentrations only while we are inside it, however the carboxy therapy effect lasts for 7 days.

Considering that carbon-dioxide is a natural gas created by the organism during usual metabolic processes there is no potential for allergies. The application is performed by special devices with strict control of the pressure and amount of gas which are applied during the treatment. During the treatment the patient can feel a mild pressure and immediately after the treatment the treated area remains mildly red due to increased blood and oxygen flow.

During the carboxytherapy treatment the concentration of the growth factor (vascular endothelial growth factors), new microcirculation is created, tissue lymph drainage is increased, colagen production is increased and with the application into the fatty tissue, fat cells are broken and fat is being melted. Common indications for carboxytherapy are relaxed and thinned skin, visible and broad stretch marks, dark bags under the eyes, localized fatty deposits, especially dewlaps and bags under the eyes.

Carboxytherapy application

Dark bags under the eyes can be a consequence of bad circulation or genetic predisposition. After the carboxytherapy treatment the deposited oxygen whitens the skin and the increased microcirculation makes this effect long-lasting. If at the same the fatty deposit in the dark bags under the eyes is treated, the gas is applied into the skin and under it into the fatty tissue. This is how the effect is achieved when it comes to skin quality and reduction in size of deposits under the eyes. To maintain the effect it is necessary to repeat it once or twice a year.

By applying the gas along the mandibular bone we achieve the effect of a mild face lift. The most prominent effect is visible on the dewlap and especially on the relaxed skin of the neck. It is possible to use carboxy therapy on every body part where it is necessary to create new collagen and give the skin a fresher and younger look.

It is known that after we are 40 we create 50% less oxygen in our body which significantly hinders cellular regeneration. Since vital organs are first to be supplied with oxygen the skin receives lesser amounts of this gas and is prone to ageing and relaxation. By applying carbon-dioxide to the skin, microcirculation is notably increased, the skin receives new collagen and a new look.

Decreased circulation and lymph drainage are causes of toxin accumulation and cellulite creation. By applying carbon-dioxide, lymph drainage is performed, fibrous barriers between fat and skin are ripped, and orange skin is reduced.

Mesotherapy treatment is often combined with carboxy therapy and gives excellent results.

Number of carboxytherapy treatments

The number of treatments depends on the wanted result. It is recommended to have between 4 and 8 treatments, each is performed once every one or two weeks and the effects are cumulative. Every treatment gives a better result from the one before. Already after 5 minutes the applied carbon-dioxide is replaced with the oxygen and the patients can return to the normal activities without any recovery period.

Carboxytherapy is a safe, natural and efficient method of skin rejuvenation, of improvement in peripheral circulation and reduction in cellulite and localized fatty deposits.

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Spec. Dr. Svetlana Djurisic, dermatologist
Dermatological clinic DERMATIM, Belgrade