Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the most persistent and most efficient way of removing unwanted hair, from almost any area of the body. Hair removal lasers are devices that produce light of certain colors and wavelengths. By a difference in laser wavelength we can differentiate between targeted skin structures.

In laser hair removal the targeted structure is the pigment which is the most common in the hair. During the treatment, hair itself conducts the beam to its root, where the hair practically bursts from warmth and in that way damages its root. From treatment to treatment this hair damage becomes greater and greater and the hair that appears after the treatment becomes thinner and lighter. With hair root damage the growth of hair is significantly reduced. The laser doesn’t recognise other skin structures and passes through them without any damage. For this same reason, only hair with pigment can be treated. For hair that have no pigment, the treatment of choice is electrolysis.

hair removal

How many treatments are required?

Number of treatments of permanent laser epilation is individual in every patient and depends on the hair quality and discoloration. Three therapy treatments are prefered and usually that number is between four and six. In any laser epilation treatment, approximately a quarter of treated hair is lost. However, we point out that the successfulness of every treatment is individual. If there is a hormonal disorder in the patient, then the treatment is less successful.

How to prepare for treatment?

Preparation for the first laser treatment consists of not pulling out the hair for three to four weeks before coming to the epilation. You can use depilatory creams, scissors or a razor, and for examination it is enough that only a millimeter of hair is visible. Also, it is necessary for the patients to come to epilation with their natural skin color.

Is laser treatment painful?

There is a pain when the beam hits the hair root. If the patient is overly sensitive, an anesthetic in a cream form is applied to the skin. In this way, the treatment becomes painless.

What happens after the hair removal treatment?

After the treatment the skin becomes slightly red and sometimes mildly swollen in the next few hours, usually 2 – 3 and at most 24 hours. After the epilation it is necessary to apply chemical substances directly onto the skin (pomades, creams, deodorants, perfumes, cosmetic masks), the skin should be washed only with a mild soap and the treated area should not be mechanically irritated 24 hours after the epilation. Also, after the treatments, it is very important not to be exposed to the sunlight and not to visit the solarium.

How to behave between two hair removal treatments?

It is advised not to pull out hair with tweezers or use wax between treatments. The hair that has grown between two treatments can freely be removed with a razor, depilatory creams or scissors.

What is the difference between laser and treatments with IPL machines?

There is a great difference between the required number of epilation treatments and possible unwanted side effects when the IPL – Intense Pulse Device is used and when a real medical laser is used. Of course the device itself is not enough for a successful treatment but also the training and experience of the dermatologist that performs the epilation. The number and success of treatments depends on the experience of the physician and the quality of the device.

How safe is laser treatment?

Laser treatment is completely safe, if the treatment is performed with a laser that is made especially for hair removal. The fixed wavelength of the laser beam enables the safety of all the surrounding skin structures and the retention of the rays only in the hair pigment. Also, Candela GentleLase series of appliances has a unique cooling system (dynamic cooling device, DCD) which, before every laser beam emission, cools the surface layers of the skin, preventing their damage in this way.

What are the side effects of hair removal treatments?

The side effects of hair removal treatments are redness of the treated region and a possible swelling that lasts anywhere between 15 minutes up to 2 days after the treatment. If the skin is freshly tanned, darker spots can appear which persist up to a few months. The aforementioned changes are rare and fully transient. Around 2% of the population doesn’t react to the treatments in an expected way.

Lasers are very powerful devices and if inadequately applied the consequences can be severe burns, hypopigmentation and permanent scars. The doctor must be certified and have at least a year of experience of to perform a procedure by himself.

Which laser systems are used for hair removal in our office?

For hair removal treatments, we use two lasers systems:  Candela GentleLASE (Alexandrite laser, 755nm wavelength) and Asclepion MeDioStar NeXT (diode laser, 800 – 950 nm). For extended comfort of our patients all treatments are performed in combination with skin cooling system Zimmer Cryo 6. Due to differences in operating principles of the two lasers systems, complete depilation can be achieved regardless of skin tone and the depth at which hair follicles are.

Skin remains smooth after laser treatments and if there were once ingrown hairs and pustules on the surface covered with hair, the patient gets a permanent solution to the problem of excessive hairiness.

Spec. Dr. Svetlana Djurisic, dermatologist
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