ATTIVA endodermal radio-wave skin lifting

ATTIVA endodermal radio-wave skin lifting is a type of therapy which applies the latest technology using subdermal heat stimulation of collagen – Subdermal induced heat technology. This technology is an efficient and safe way of eliminating all signs of aging without surgery.

Collagen is skin’s most important component, responsible for its smooth, wrinkle-free surface, as well as its firmness and elasticity. Over time, the production of collagen decreases and the skin becomes wrinkled, losing its elasticity. A youner, firmer an fresher appearance of the skin can be achieved by collagen stimulation and regeneration. ATTIVA uses subdermal heat stimulation to achieve efficient collagen creation without damaging the skin’s surface.

ATTIVA radio-wave therapy can be used for:

– Firming and lifting of all facial skin regions

– Firming and stimulation of upper and lower eyelids

– Firming loose skin on the neck and lifting the skin under the chin

– Correction of fine wrinkles

– Firming loose skin on the stomack, upper arms and thighs

– Removing localised fat deposits on the stomack and under the chin

– Treatment of scars

How is skin stimulation achieved with ATTIVA?

ATTIVA is an endodermal radiowave therapy which is applied in the subdermal skin layer, while generating strictly controlled heat energy. The heat energy of around 50 degrees Celsius leads to protein denaturation, which also leads to the contraction and tightening of collagen fibers. In addition, metabolic activation stimulates cells, fibroblasts, to produce new collagen and elastin, with a permanent lifting effect. Heat energy can be used for the destruction of localized fat cells in the areas of the stomack, under the chin and on the hips. A high temperature of around 70 degrees Celsius induces lysis, the destruction of fatty cells, releasing triglycerides which are eliminated via lymphatic vessels.

What does an ATTIVA treatment look like?

The subdermal tissue of the treated area is accessed via a very fine probe, applying heat. The treatment is not painful, because the targeted area is previously anesthetized. A special camera is used to monitor skin surface temperature, which enables the generation of heat energy in deeper skin structures, without damaging the superficial skin layer. Temporary bruising, as well as slight swelling of the treated area, may appear.

What kind of results can be achieved with ATTIVA?

ATTIVA radiowave lifting can be used on all skin areas that contain collagen and that we would like to rejuvenate. Firmer and fresher looking skin becomes visible within 4-6 weeks, becoming more apparent over time. Good results can be achieved during one or more treatments. Treatments can be repeated after 3 to 6 months.

Dr Sladjana Cvejic