Skin biopsy

In treating certain skin diseases, it is necessary for the dermatologist to perform a skin biopsy.

Skin biopsy is taking of a sample of the patient’s diseased skin for precise diagnosis, which is necessary in order to make a decision about an appropriate therapy.

skin biopsy dermatim

What does the skin biopsy look like?

Skin biopsy is a procedure which is done in local anesthesia by a dermatologist. After the anesthetic injection, a very small segment of the diseased skin is taken by a scalpel or a special instrument which is called punch. The obtained sample is sent to a dermatologist for a pathohystological diagnosis. The complete procedure lasts very short, about ten minutes, and if the wound is eventually being stitched by a thread after taking the skin sample, the threads are removed seven to ten days later.

Is there a scar after the skin biopsy?

Yes. A very small scar remains that looks like a line, which can be further treated by certain ointments and gels which make it less visible.

How long do you have to wait for the skin biopsy result?

The result of the pathohystological analysis is ready in three to seven days and based on that your dermatologist gets a complete information on a pathohystological diagnosis. After a clinical examination that diagnosis is then used to decide on further therapy.

Spec. Dr. Svetlana Djurisic, dermatologist
Dermatological clinic DERMATIM, Belgrade – Serbia