Scar removal

Scars are the result of skin wounds healing from injuries, surgical interventions, or some skin disease (for example, acne or measles). The occurrence of scars is a natural process that replaces the normal skin structure by the scar tissue which is different in its composition.

The scar can be common, normal, depending on the trauma that caused it. However, in some people there is a tendency for scar creation significantly above the skin surface, very often it is red in color and there is an itch in that place or even pain, which sometimes disturbs the function of that body part. These scars are called hypertrophic scars and keloids.

In persons who suffer from medium or severe forms of acne, the inflammation process of the hair follicles is so prominent that scars are created that leave a rugged appearance on the face, chest and the back, and these scars can create shallow and deep dents or hard hypertrophic scars, especially on the back.

Methods for reduce and remove scars

There are numerous techniques which can reduce or remove scars. Scars created on the place of trauma and surgical intervention can be reduced by certain ointments and gels, by intralesional application of certain medication or abrasion of the scar surface by radio waves, which flatten the scar. If it is a large hypertrophic scar, a surgical intervention is first performed with further local treatment after the intervention.

Acne scars require special treatments that consist of combined chemical peels, dermabrasion, and filling in the depressed parts of the scars with the so called fillers (with hyaluronic acid above all) or with special tiny surgical interventions that stimulate the healing of the depressed parts of the scar.

We should bear in mind that the look of the scars can be improved, that the scars can be almost removed, but that they can’t be completely removed, or actually, that the scar tissue can not be healed in such a way that it has the looks and the structure of healthy skin.

To successfully treat scars, an agreement is necessary between the doctor and the patient on what the patient can expect and what he finds most disturbing about the scars, and based on that, the best treatment can be determined.

Spec. Dr. Svetlana Djurisic, dermatologist