Removing wrinkles with face fillers

For removing wrinkles best method are face fillers. Fillers are substances that are used as a support to the tissue, that is, the skin or the mucous tissues. Depending on the problems, skin fillers can mitigate the wrinkles, fill in the defect on the face or another part of the body. There is a wide specter of substances that are used for this purpose.

removing wrinkles before after

Hyaluronic fillers

Hyaluronic acid is an intercellular substance of various tissues and it is the same in all living creatures. It is a molecule that strongly binds with water and it is therefore used as an ingredient of quality skin creams. As a filler, natural hyaluronan of animal origin is used. The difference between human and for example bacterial hyaluron acid is only in the length of the molecule chain. As there is no antigenic difference between the species, the possibility of allergic reaction is reduced to a minimum. The only side effects are occasional redness at the area of application, dark discoloration from hematomas or mild swelling. All these reactions are transient in two weeks after the intervention and are very rare. The filler application consist of several techniques of placing hyaluronan in the skin or in the subdermal tissue. The outcome and the amount of material that is spent, and therefore the patients satisfaction, depends on the technique and the type of hyaluronic acid. All of the above applies only to the application of hyaluronan of renowned firms (in our market that is Restylane and Teosyal), products approved by WHO – World Health Organization.

Usually it takes about a year for material to degrade completely. Even after the application, the skin has a fresher look then before. Hyaluronan molecules stimulate the skin with their presence to create collagen and elastine. It can be applied in all the regions of the face, neck, cleavage, hands. Various gels with various molecular sizes are used depending on whether we want to fix the volume, fill in the wrinkles or tighten and hydrate the skin.

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Collagen fillers

Collagen is one of the first substances used with the purpose of filling in the wrinkles on the skin. Substances that were first used were of animal origin, they caused frequent allergic reactions and lasted from 3 to 4 months. The latest mixtures – Evolence, are of human origin, rarely give unwanted reactions and last up to 12 months.

Silicone fillers

Silicon is a lasting synthetic material. Silicon microparticles are used for face augmentation. Considering the unwanted side effects that can appear even years after application, and which are hard to manage, this material is being used less and less. After the injection a strong inflammatory reaction occurs when capsules are formed around the droplets of silicone. In this way the material is fixed. Therefore a foreign body remains permanently in the subdermal tissue.

Poly L lactic acid

Poly L lactic acid – “Sculptra” is a biomaterial, approved by the FDA as a means of filling in the fatty tissue defects in AIDS patients. Its primary property is to cause mechanisms that lead to tissue being filled with collagen during a period of time. It is commonly used to fill in the cheekbones and chin. It can be applied deeper in sterile conditions. It is not available in our market.

Spec. Dr. Svetlana Djurisic, dermatologist