Hyaluronan mesotherapy

Hyaluronic acid or hyaluronan is the best substance for improving skin quality and tonus and face volume. Hyaluronic acid is a natural ingredient of our intercellular liquid, it can be found in the skin, eye structures and in joint mantles. Hyaluronic acid molecule is the same in all living beings. This fact enables the use of insect made molecule to be used in humans for rejuvenation and improvement of skin appearance without causing an allergic reaction.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that binds water to it more powerfully than any other, for instance, 1 gr of hyaluronan binds an entire 6 liters of water. When in its natural state, it is used only in mesotherapy and skin hydration because it lasts only for 3 days. To extend the hyaluronan longevity to 6 months or a year it is necessary for the molecules to bind among themselves in a specific way. When binding the molecules, various gel densities are produced and later injected into the subcutaneous tissue.

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Hyaluronan mesotherapy

As we age our skin gets thinner and more dehydrated. The amount of collagen and elastin in the tissue is slowly depleted and wrinkles appear on the face. Low viscosity hyaluronic acid can be applied as a support to the withered skin.

During the mesotherapy treatment, the entire skin surface is filled with small hyaluronan deposits. In the course of seven days hyaluronan molecules continuously bind water molecules and the skin gradually becomes hydrated and shiny. This gives the skin extra moisture and volume, and in time, an additional amount of collagen and elastine is synthesised in a natural way.

hyaluronan mesotherapy

Mesotherapy procedure with hyaluronan is desireable to be repeated once a month every three months and then once more after six months.

Treatment results are immediately visible and the treatment itself can not be efficiently conducted in any other way. Even the skin that looks like a folded paper, and for which there appears to be no help from any known method, becomes visibly prettier after the first treatment. The effect of this treatment lasts up to 2 years.

This treatment also gives extraordinary results in revitalisation and hydratation of the whole area of the face, neck and back of the palms of the hands.

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