Hair electrolysis (electroepilation)

Electrolysis or hair electroepilation is a treatment for permanent removal of hair roots with weak electricity.  It is the only method of choice for hairs that have no pigment ( light or white hairs ) and which can not be destroyed by a laser during laser hair removal treatment.

The treatment is conducted with a special extension for a radio wave device, which is so thin that it irritates the skin only negligibly. During treatment, every single hair is processed individually by passing high frequency power through the root of the hair and damaging it permanently. Considering the fact that every single hair is processed individually, the treatment takes a lot of time to finish. If hairs are very thick, the first treatment will consist of thinning out the hair and not treating all the hair in the required area. The procedure is unpleasant and in our clinic it is always conducted with the use of local anesthesia.

After the electrolysis treatment the skin surface remains slightly red. In 24h, tiny scabs are formed on the skin openings where there was hair before. The scabs fall off 7 days later and then the treatment can continue if necessary.

Very often only one treatment is enough to damage the hair root and prevent it from growing in that spot again. If a tiny hair appears in that same place it is always significantly less thick and then another treatment is applied to the same region.

In persons with darker skin, a pigmentation might appear and it usually recedes in 3 months.

Scarring may occur if thermo-cauterizer or inadequate extensions for radio waves devices are used to perform electrolysis. In that case the used instrument for treatment have a larger diameter than necessary and the damage is more significant.

In persons that have a hormonal disbalance appearance of new hair is possible on the face a few years after performing the electroepilation or electrolysis of the hair root.

Spec. Dr. Svetlana Djurisic, dermatologist
Dermatological clinic DERMATIM, Belgrade